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Due to the impending snow storm the DCR has closed the Reilly Memorial Skating Rink Cleveland Circle. Your Greater Boston Junior Bruins Peewee Major (2006) call back tryout has been moved to Friday March 16, 2018 at 7:00PM at the same Locations.


Sorry for any inconvenience, the situation it is out of our control.


Mike Cashman

Greater Boston Junior Bruins


All Peewee Major candidates below are invited to the Call Back Friday March 16, 2018 7:00PM Cleveland Circle.




When a player is invited back for the third and final tryout the player must bring a Program Deposit check (dated March 13, 2018) in the amount of $300.00. If and when player is offered a position on the PEEWEE MAJOR team the check will be deposited whether or not player accepts the position on the team. Checks will be mailed back to any player not offered a position on a team.


  Gold    1  EC

  Gold    2  JZ

  Gold    3  MS

  Gold    4  TW

  Gold    5  TO

  Gold    6  MW

  Gold    7  JS

  Gold    8  JD

  Gold    9  ND

  Gold  10  JS

  Gold  11  DD

  Gold  12  MC

  Gold  13  MD


 Black  51  AB

 Black  52  EW

 Black  53  SK

 Black  55  GM

 Black  56  BC

 Black  57  CE

 Black  58  KB

 Black  59  TH

 Black  60  LG

 Black  61  GM

 Black  62  SC


Green     4  BH

Green   14  CA

Green   15  BK

Green   28  CM