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Camp Notice Update
by posted 08/05/2018




Junior Bruins camp opens up August 20, 2018 at the James Roche Rink, VFW Parkway,

West Roxbury. We ask each family to please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to

your start time. All players will be checked in by staff on both arrival and departure.

We will make sure we have water on hand each day for players on and off the ice.


The daily schedule is online for all levels. The t shirts and shorts for camp will be at camp

the first day. We must remind all parents that dismissal time is when players should be

picked up. We are not a baby sitting service after dismissal and cannot have players

running around rink after their day.


Players are responsible for lunch. They should have a small cooler with name on it. 

Refrigerators are not available.

They should also have a small snack with them during the day.


Players will be outside during the day. they will need, 

Sneekers (players will not be allowed to play street hockey in flip flops or sandels)

Street hockey stick with name on it.


Kate Doherty will once again be our on-site trainer at camp. She will be there all four days.

If your player has the need for an epee pen or other needs, these needs should be

addressed with Kate first thing Monday morning.


Thank You

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